Expanding our infrastructure

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Helpmonks definitely hit a nerve as a collaborative email platform. So much so, that we are seeing over 1000 new customers in the last few months alone.

As Helpmonks keeps growing, so has the demand on our server infrastructure. In the last few weeks and days we have been hard at work to expand our infrastructure.

As we are now processing far more than a hundred thousand incoming emails a month, we saw that there were a few delays on picking these up. Therefore, we have configured additional servers to process incoming emails. You should continue to receive your emails in the usual “seconds timeframe”, again.

As you can imagine, we are now up in the “millions of records” in our database. Hence, we also upgraded our database infrastructure to handle the GB’s of data and keep them stored in memory as much as possible for high performance on the web front-end.

We are very excited about the growth of Helpmonks and want to extend our thanks to all our customers. You are making Helpmonks a success!

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