European Patent Office (EPO) uses Razuna to handle press media

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I often rant about the benefits of using the Razuna API to extend the functionality to other systems. Recently the European Patent Office went live with a DAM and CMS implementation that really uses Razuna’s DAM features and the API in an elegant way.

Together with our German partner we delivered a DAM solution that allows EPO, to maintain and distribute all their press material in 14 languages from the Razuna DAM.

The European Patent Office (EPO) offers inventors a uniform and centralised patent application procedure, which enables them to obtain patent protection in up to 40 European countries. The European Patent Office is the executive arm of the European Patent Organisation. Our partner,]init[ designs and implements individual client solutions for governments, public administration, business and NGOs. ]init[ has offices in 7 locations and employs more than 300 people worldwide.

The background for the Razuna implementation is EPO’s new website, where EPO needed to a web press section to provide journalists with up-to-date press material, images and video in a way that was easy to search and navigate. Razuna was chosen, because of its ability to catalog media and to provide access via our versatile API. Razuna was installed on a server hosted by ]init[ in Berlin. All of EPOs digital media was uploaded to the Razuna server, where it’s catalogued, tagged and converted into a number of lower resolution formats.

Using the Razuna API, the media is then fetched and displayed on in the media section. Searches are executed on the Razuna server itself, which then provides the content for the website directly.

The total implementation time, which included development of the interface, set up of Razuna, onboarding of media files and test took 8 weeks from start till go-live.

I’m pretty proud of this implementation. Not only was it fast, but it also goes to show the power of the Razuna API, since EPO staff only need to concern themselves with uploading to Razuna. once a media file is tagged, the correct version is immediately available on

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