Enabling SSL for all on our hosted platform

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Back in 2008 when we started with the Razuna hosted platform using SSL was a unique option. Something we felt justified to ask our customers to pay an additional $2/month. Given that, SSL certificates were around $300/year or even more, this was a bargain.

Jump forward to 2016 and providing access to any system over SSL is now a de-facto standard and something that users expect. Thus, I’m happy to announce that as of last weekend we enabled SSL for all our customers. Not only, did we enable SSL, but we also made this the default for all requests to the Razuna hosted platform, i.e. all your connections to the Razuna hosted platform are now over SSL.

What does this mean for you?

Nothing changes for you, except that you will enjoy an added security layer to your Razuna files.

What does this mean for developers?

If you are using the API to the Razuna hosted platform in any way, you should have already called the API over SSL. If not, please do change all your API calls to use our API with SSL. Unsecured calls to our API will be dropped.

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