Something about egotism at the gym

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“Egoist”, I said out loud in my mind. No, I’m not talking about the famous Eau Du Cologne from Channel called Egoist.

I’m talking about the people or in this case the guy in the gym that takes off his shirt and let’s the weight loudly drop on each pull. “Hey man, if it is too heavy then maybe use lighter weight?”

In the end it all boils down to that many people nowadays simply “give a shit” about what other people think or say. While this is a good quality in pushing forward an idea that you believe in (many people told me that I will never succeed with my company ideas) it is a completely different story when it comes to social etiquette.

“I give a shit” people don’t clean up after they’ve used a machine at the gym, they don’t hold open the doors for others, definitely don’t give up their seat in the tube for older people and when it comes to driving in a car think they own the road.

Moreover, “I give a shit” people are also the loudest to criticise others and show the world what a “great person” they are. It is funny to see that those people are also the ones that love “lip service” and don’t follow their words with actions.

Now it is easy to “Give a shit” when one has a conflict with one of those people. More than once, I was inclined to react in the same way back, only to realise that there must be another way.

Today I strongly believe that if we want to be better people ourselves we should lead by example and show that there is indeed a better way to treat each other.

If we care about the world you live in and want our world to be a better place, we should start to care. Caring about people around us, caring about what we leave behind in this world and especially starting to care about how we act and behave in this very moment towards other people.

Especially, in this fast paced world, we might only have a quick moment to make a first impression. Don’t waste it by “giving a shit” about other people.

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