Drafts, drafts, drafts

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We’re excited to announce that we released “Drafts” today. Drafts, as the name implies, autosaves your replies in Helpmonks and lets you easily return to them at a later time.

All your drafts show on the left side panel, and navigating to ‘Drafts’ lists conversations with unsent drafts. Clicking on a conversation with a draft will load the draft automatically in the editor.

Drafts in Helpmonks

Helpmonks will autosave your replies every 20 seconds as a draft. Additionally, there is a “save” icon now in the editor to save your reply manually.

Speaking of the editor, we also released an upgrade to the editor. With the update comes the ability to insert emoticons into your replies. Additionally, it should fix the “backspace” issue that some of you reported.

As always let us know how we are doing.

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