Custom sorting, custom FLOW, more power to email marketing, and more

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Just in time for the end of July here are the latest enhancements to our team collaboration platform.

Custom filters for each email view

That's right, each view can be customized. You can choose to filter by one or many mailboxes, by statuses, with your labels, and set how many emails to show per page. All settings will be saved in your profile and always available. No matter the browser or device you use.

We've also added the filter to FLOW. Whereas previously it was set what we show in FLOW, you can now choose what to show. This just made FLOW the absolute fastest way to get your emails done.

New Workflow rules

Based on our customer's feedback, we've added two new conditions. You can now execute a workflow if the message is the first message or is a reply. This condition is available to messages from customers and also for your team members.

Speaking of customers. We've increased the performance of searching for contacts by over 400%. Now, typing in the TO field instantly returns results.

Workflows for an email campaign

Workflow actions are usually reserved for automated emails, but we think they make a lot of sense for one-time campaigns. Hence, you will now find a workflow option for your campaign.

With it, you can execute an action when your subscribers, for instance, click on a link or, maybe more commonly, do not open your email. You might want to resend the message. Here we also have the option to change the subject when you resend your campaign. You can also add multiple actions.

As email delivery becomes increasingly important, we want to ensure your email reputation score stays high. Thus, we now also added a way for you to execute the verification of email addresses for your drip campaigns.

New: Landing pages

A landing page can be used to collect email addresses for your newsletter. You can adjust just about everything for your page. Where to position the sign-up form and the background images and fully customize the color and content. To top it off, you can add your CSS and custom code snippets. As your mailing list is integrated, adding new subscribers to your email list is just one click. Your landing pages will be hosted automatically on our high-availability servers.

These are just the top new features for this month. Make sure to check them out in your account. If you're not a customer of Helpmonks yet, sign up today for free.

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