Custom Fields are here!

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Today is a big day here at Helpmonks as we’ve just released one of the most requested features – Custom Fields.

With custom fields you can store relevant data for each customer right within the conversation itself. With default values and validation you can rest assure that users enter the correct data.

Setting up a custom field is easy. Within the “Custom Fields” section click on “Add new custom field”. Here you can define the name, the type of field (text, textarea, selection, checkbox or radio button), the value of the field (text, number or boolean (true/false)) and what default value the field should have if any. Additionally, you can choose in which mailbox to show the custom field.

Configure custom fields in Helpmonks

A listing of all your available custom fields is viewable here, in the plugin configuration section as well. Custom fields can be re-ordered here to effect how they’ll appear on the email conversation view.

Drag and drop to re-order

When you are finished configuring your custom fields you will find the them on the right side of every conversation in their own panel. You can view or enter relevant information in that panel as well.

Custom fields are available right now

Custom fields is available as a plugin for an additional $15/month and can be activated under “Plugins”. Once enabled, custom fields are available to all users and all mailboxes.

We know that many of our customers were waiting for this and we are super excited to make this available now. As always, please let us know if you have any feedback.

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