Color your labels

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We are very excited to announce that you are now able to add colors to your labels in Helpmonks. Additionally, we’ve made it easier to add labels to your emails.

Adding a color to your labels

Adding a color to a label has been one of the top requests of our customers. With the recent update this weekend, it is now possible to do so. Once you’ve added a color to your label, it will show so throughout Helpmonks.

Adding labels to email

Another request high on the list was to be able to browse those labels while adding them to your emails. With this update, we also added the Label-Tree to the drop down menu, so that you do not need to know the name of the label anymore, but can pick it from the tree directly.

These label enhancements are already available within your Helpmonks account and ready to be used.

These updates are a result of the awesome feedback from our Helpmonks users. As always, please let us know your feedback and comments.

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