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We are hard at work this summer on a wide variety of improvements for Helpmonks. We’ve added 2-Step Verification, individual signatures per mailbox, and Collision Detection to only name a few.

Today we’ve re-designed the notifications and finally made it possible to customize the notification for assignment, i.e. when you are assigned to an email to be notified or not.

New notification design and assigned to you

See, when we started out, it was evident to us that when you are assigned to a conversation that you always want to be notified by email or within Helpmonks (desktop notification) of any changes to the email thread, replies, comments, and so forth.

However, as we learned from our customers, this is not always the case. Many of our clients, use Helpmonks like an email client and are signed in to the application. Hence, doing away with the need for a notification altogether.

With the new notification changes, all Helpmonks users can now tailor to be notified when an email is assigned.

Next up
We are continuing to work towards more improvements to the Helpmonks platform and have some exciting stuff coming up.

We are working on a Team/Group option, merging of emails, and options to filter assignment list (Yayaya!).

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