Announcing White-label and IP access restriction

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As mentioned when we released our new website and new plans, we are hard at work to bring all the features of our new “Go further” plan.

Today, we are excited to announce our new White-label and IP access restriction feature.

The White-label feature provides an option to use a custom URL, instead of the sub-domain URL you use when you sign up for a Helpmonks account. Once enabled, you can use a URL like instead of Also, you can add your SSL certificate, so your connection keeps on being secure.

Speaking of security, with the IP access restriction plugin, you lock the access to your Helpmonks account to specific IP addresses only. Coupled with the 2-factor authentication (a feature that is available to everyone) you can rest assured that your Helpmonks account is only being accessed by the people you want.

The White-label and IP access restriction functionality, are part of our “Go further” plan and available immediately.

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