Announcing new reports in Helpmonks

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As Helpmonks continues to grow, we continue to improve the product weekly (check out our public RoadMap). Today, we are excited to announce the availability of new reports in Helpmonks.

More insight and a brand new user detailed report

All reports now feature a convenient summary on top to show you quickly the most important figures like “Total emails”, “Total resolved emails”, “Total emails from new customers”, and more.

Helpmonks activity report

Detailed user reporting

One of the goals of the new reports was to provide more information about how your team performs. Our new “User Activity” report satisfies this requirement.

You now see a list of all your users and a summary of their performances, broken down by “Total responses”, “Total resolved”, and “Total average response time”.

Within each user detailed report, you get a neat summary on top with the most relevant information about the user, for example, “Average reply time”, “Day with the most replies”, and “Day with the least replies” (we especially like these).

Furthermore, you can see a summary of the recent conversations, again providing you with meaningful statistics of each conversation.

Helpmonks detailed user report

Faster performance, custom date range and an export option

All new reports can now be selected within custom time range. Select the custom date option and enter your start and end date.

Helpmonks filter report by custom time range

Also, all reports are using a new library that in return has a better performance. Furthermore, we’ve added an export functionality to all reports.

We are excited to add yet another enhancement to Helpmonks to make your shared mailbox experience the best there is.

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