A new login screen and new icons for Helpmonks

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When you sign into Helpmonks today, you will experience a new login screen and a brand new icon set.

The new login screen

The new design puts your login credentials to the left and a beautiful full-screen image to the right. The photos rotate randomly from a selection of over 40 high-class images containing different topics like animals, landscape, and more. Of course, if you set your custom image, it will be shown instead of ours.

The new icon set

The idea behind the new icons in Helpmonks is to guide your eyes and help navigate the system more accessible. Hence for the new set of icons, we opted to make them more subtle.

Helpmonks — top navigation

The top navigation has now beautiful new icons that are lighter and easier on the eyes.

All the status icons have a new set as well, while still being familiar with the ones you were familiar.

We believe this makes it easier and better to focus on your email messages.

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