A long awaited update about Razuna

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It’s been a while since I have last written on here. I sincerely apologize for the radio silence. We’ve had to change some things within our company (I’ll write more about this in the future) and re-focus our efforts.

That said, Razuna is going stronger than ever. Many customers are approaching us for new projects and are signing up for our hosted edition.

Nevertheless, I want to answer some questions that I get asked most frequently in this post.

When is Razuna v2 coming?

I know that many of you are waiting for our new release — Razuna 2.0. As Razuna 2.0 is a complete refactoring project, i.e., new technology, modern architecture, and so forth., it, unfortunately, takes us longer than we initially planned. Additionally, we experienced some personnel changes, which have had a significant impact on the development.

All this together, we are in the final 20% of the development for Razuna 2.0. And as you know might know, the “devil hides in that 20%”. Especially, with such a comprehensive set of features and the legacy of Razuna 1.x, it is a daunting task to satisfy all requirements with a brand new release.

For now, we are focusing on bringing all the pieces together and are driving towards a stable build that we hopefully can release for beta testing.

As it stands now, there is no ETA for Razuna 2.0, but I will be announcing on this blog when we are ready to invite beta testers.

What about Razuna 1.9.x?

Razuna is going strong. We are continuing to expand the current Razuna 1.x branch. While there have been only minor UI enhancements since the release of Razuna 1.9, we have worked on many performance and stability improvements “under the hood”.

For example, the next release will see speed improvements of over 50% with the new database structure. Also, we have redesigned the “Asset grid” so that it grows fluidly with the browser ensuring assets are always placed on the screen in an aesthetic manner, In addition, assets in the trash are now automatically cleared after thirty days. These are just some of the changes made to the most recent version. Our customers on the hosted edition already have access to these features for some time now.

Soon, we will be releasing Razuna 1.9.5 which incorporates all the enhancements and changes made over the last six months. Visit here in the coming weeks for a detailed post on the Razuna 1.9.5 release.

Should I wait for Razuna 2.0 or start with Razuna 1.9.x?

Razuna 1.9.x is a product that has been in development and production for the last eight years. We have customers all over the world, from large enterprises to two-man shops. Many use Razuna daily to manage their marketing material, publish files to other websites and use the API to interact with files in Razuna.

In short, Razuna 1.9.x is battle proven and has many features not offered in competitive products basic versions. For example, the approval process is built-in, without the need for an additional license. Additionally, our hosted plans come bundled with the Workflow plugin. With it, you can automate many processes in Razuna. Again, a feature for which others charge additional.

For now, we recommend customers that are looking for a stable Digital Asset Management system to choose Razuna 1.9.x. You can sign up for a free trial at http://razuna.com right now.

Thank you for all the feedback

I am in direct contact with many of you, and I want to express my sincere thanks for all the great feedback I’ve gotten over the years. Razuna would not be what it is today without your input and encouragement. Feel free to comment below with any thoughts or contact us directly per email.

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