A few updates to Helpmonks

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We’ve been hard at work here at Helpmonks and released a few updates that will enhance how you work with your customer emails.

Overview of attachments

Many of our customers get a lot of attachments with their emails. While you can now also send attachments within Helpmonks, you now also have a overview of all attachment within a conversation.

As all replies go to your shared inbox address, it might become confusing who you are replying to. Therefore, we just added a explanation header to the internal Helpmonks notification email outlining where your reply is going to.

Last but not least, Helpmonks is drastically growing. To that end, we have been working very hard to improve the performance of our Helpmonks servers. You should see a much faster response now.

We hope that you like these changes. As we continuously work on improving Helpmonks, I’m sure you will soon see some more changes.

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