One space for email, marketing, and customer relationships

Helpmonks is an all-in-one customer engagement platform with email management, email marketing, knowledge base, email CRM, and more.

Helpmonks - customer engagement tools with shared inbox and email marketing

Unlock the power of customer engagement with Helpmonks

Thousands of businesses have already made Helpmonks their go-to choice for customer engagement. Our all-in-one suite is designed to make communication effortless, tasks simpler, and help you to support your customers.

With Helpmonks, you manage your team email with a smart shared inbox, use live chat for sales or customer support, send stunning email marketing campaigns, and leverage the power of email sequences to engage with customers.

The integrated email CRM allows you to track your sales leads from the moment they enter your system. Easily keep track of your sales leads and ensure that you never miss a sales opportunity.

Finally, our knowledge base software helps you to help your customers or to create an internal help center.

Here's what you get with Helpmonks

We created Helpmonks to be the foundation for your customer engagement. Use it to collaborate with your team on customer service and marketing, increase sales, and create a hub for all customer interactions.

A shared inbox for teams

Shared inbox

The smart shared inbox solution for teams that demand more than just answering emails.

Email Marketing System

Email Marketing

A mighty email marketing platform to help you reach your customers and increase sales.

Email Sequences for sales

Email Sequences

Create automated follow-ups or send a series of emails with our email sequences.

CRM for emails

Email CRM

Manage contacts and companies and get the full (customer) picture at any point and any time.

Free knowledge base tool

Knowledge Base

Create public or internal doc sites with ease. Fully integrated with our live chat widget.

Live chat for website and in-app messages with push notifications

Live Chat

Real time customer support with live chat for your websites. Including smart push notifications.

Task management for emails

Task Manager

Powerful email task management for teams at your fingertips and always available.

File storage and file sharing for your team

File Sharing

One central space for all your attachments. Plus file management with a lighting-fast search.

Email management for successful teams

Helpmonks features a powerful email management software to work together on sales, marketing, and customer support. There's no need to forward emails to each other or wonder who is doing what. Everyone is always on the same page with our customer support software.

Email that works for you

Assign emails, leave internal notes, tag conversations, execute email automation, and get insight into the customer instantly. Collision detection prevents duplicate replies to your customer responses. All within the same support team software.

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Email Collaboration for teams
Helpmonks - team email management

Team email collaboration

Helpmonks has been built for teams that want to do more than just have a email inbox. With Helpmonks your team gets superpowers. With Helpmonks, you can make sure your team is always on the same page and working together efficiently.

Powerful team collaboration tools
Helpmonks - email CRM

CRM for emails

Helpmonks is the only shared inbox solution that comes with a built-in email CRM. With Helpmonks, you can effortlessly manage your sales leads and customers directly from your shared inbox. Say goodbye to the hassle of a separate CRM.

CRM for emails
Send emails with confidence

Communicate with confidence

Discover the power of Helpmonks - a shared inbox that gives you real-time visibility into your customer conversations and activities. Unlock the potential of your customer communications and take your business to the next level.

More about our shared inbox
AI for emails and fast search engine

Find everything (fast)

Find all your emails, attachments, and contacts in seconds. Our lightning-fast search engine will find every message, contact, attachment, and more instantaneously. No matter how many emails you have.

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More sales & marketing for (a lot) less.

Sales and marketing is at the heart of every successful company. Helpmonks, is here to help you with its integrated email marketing platform. Send beautiful email campaigns and leverage email sequences during the customer journey. All within the same app.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Sending email campaigns is as easy as drag & drop with Helpmonks. Choose from a large library of pre-made templates, create your text, and send your newsletter. Oh, and did we mention, we include unlimited sending.

Engage customers and grow your mailing list with ready-made email capture options like landing pages, pop-ups, and lead generation forms.

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Shared inbox for marketing
Helpmonks - drip campaign for sales automation

Email Sequences

Automatically follow-up with your sales leads in your shared inbox with a smart email drip campaign or create a series of emails to keep customers engaged.

More leads with email sequences
Helpmonks - free landing pages

Landing pages

Create beautiful landing pages in minutes with our free landing page builder. Your subscriber form is just a start to connect with your customers in Helpmonks.

More about landing pages

Delight your customers.

Every Helpmonks account includes a powerful set of customer engagement tools to create outstanding customer experience.

Knowledge Base

Create an online self-service knowledge base for your customers or a private doc site instantly. Our Knowledge Base Platform is made for growing teams that want to delight customers.

Includes a lighting-fast AI search engine and a powerful live chat widget.

More about our knowledge base
Helpmonks - integrated knowledge base platform
Helpmonks - live chat widget for any website

Live Chat

Provide real-time support with our live chat widget on unlimited sites with unlimited agents. Together with a Knowledge Base, create powerful personalized customer service experience.

See how live chat can help sales
Helpmonks - Push notifications and in-app messaging

Push Messages

Deliver real value to your customers with personalized push notifications in real-time. Leverage this powerful marketing tool for in app messaging or to promote special offers on your website or in your online stores.

Read more about push notification
Helpmonks - to-do app for emails

Email Task Management

Keep all your email tasks on track and collaborate with your team efficiently with our Email ToDo app. Create ToDos for your customer service team or for yourself with ease with its smart email and contact association.

Save time with email tasks
Helpmonks - cloud file storage

Secure file sharing

Gone are the days of email delivery issues due to large attachments. Helpmonks features a secure HIPAA compliant hosting platform to browse all attachments and to create your private file cloud storage.

More about secure file sharing

Save big with Helpmonks.

Replace a bunch of apps with Helpmonks. See how our pricing compares:


You already start saving with our starter plan from day one as every plan comes with all features.

Shared Inbox
Email Marketing
Drip Campaigns
Live Chat
Knowledge Base
Email CRM
Email To-Do's
Push Notifications
Landing Pages
File Storage & Sharing
Save big with Helpmonks

Your shared inbox tool

Includes Knowledge Base, Live Chat, 5 users



Your email marketing tool

10,000 contacts, email automation, landing pages, etc.


All your other tools

CRM, Dropbox, Google, Office 365, etc.


$635/month minimum

Get more done.

With Helpmonks everyone uses the same app at the same time. One place to get work done and not all over the place. Using Helpmonks goes beyond the price. Helpmonks is here to make you successful.

Over 10 years in business.

Self-funded. No investors. No bullshit.

More than 3,000 customers worldwide.

Helpmonks - no bullshit customer engagement service

Growth starts with action

Empower your team and delight your customers.

Helpmonks - email management for small businesses