Helpmonks Product Updates

We are constantly improving and enhancing Helpmonks to be the best email app for our customers. Find our release notes below.

Nov. 17th, 2023
Helpmonks updates, Nov. 16th, 2023
This Helpsmonks update includes several enhancements and bug fixes we released over the last couple of weeks.
Nov. 10th, 2023
Helpmonks updates, Nov. 10th, 2023
We continue to improve Helpmonks. Here are the most recent updates with fixes for real-time email services, email marketing, and more.
Sep. 26th, 2022
The latest update to enhance your mail workflow in Helpmonks
Helpmonks shortcuts
Here are the latest updates for your favorite team collaboration platform. This time, we enhanced the shortcuts, the performance of emails and files and more.
Sep. 8th, 2022
Updated Dashboard and new languages
Updated dashboard in Helpmonks
In this update, you will find an updated Dashboard, among updated translations, we added Spanish and Italian language for Helpmonks and a performance increase.
Sep. 23rd, 2022
New sidebar options and improved dark theme
Helpmonks - new sidebar, dark theme, enhanced log view
This is the latest update with a new sidebar, enhanced dark theme, and a new log view that shows all the activities of your team.
Sep. 23rd, 2022
Welcome to June: Part 1
Welcome to the first update in June. Here is what we just published:NewWe’ve updated the screen for adding a new user. You can now add the password at the dame
Aug. 31st, 2022
New features, improvements, and fixes
NewWe’ve added now a new option to always share your drafts with your team by default.We’ve added some new text and background colors to the editor.ImprovedWe c
Aug. 31st, 2022
Some more UI related updates
Here is another patch of updates for you:When you select emails and apply labels the selection of emails will now stay (instead of de-selecting all emails)We ch
Aug. 31st, 2022
A lot of small things make it a bug update
We just updated Helpmonks with a ton of small improvements and bug fixes. Here is the rundown:A new mailbox overview (see our dedicated post on this).Split view
Aug. 31st, 2022
Moving on with releases
Now that the migration is behind us and all the network issues are resolved as well, we are rolling ahead with improving Helpmonks and resolving the reported bu
Sep. 23rd, 2022
Helpmonks 3.0: Updated list view and pagination
Based on your feedback we’ve made some further changes on how to display your conversations and enhanced other parts of the system along with the obligatory fix
Sep. 23rd, 2022
Helpmonks 3.0: New inbox design, advanced search added, many design refinements, and more
We are well on the road to completing the re-design of Helpmonks and have just finished a few significant milestones. As a fact, with this release note, we beli
Aug. 31st, 2022
Helpmonks 3.0: A lot of real-time updates are here
Helpmonks 3.0 is shaping up to its final form, and we’ve done a lot of enhancements and updates to the real-time updates now. So much so, that any action within
Aug. 31st, 2022
Helpmonks 3.0: Little things we improved overall
Here are some of the tracked issues we have fixed in the last 24 to 48 hours. Where applicable, we resolved them in the current and the preview version of Helpm
Aug. 30th, 2022
Further updates for your favorite team collaboration platform
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