Helpmonks shortcuts

The latest update to enhance your mail workflow in Helpmonks

We are in full swing here at Helpmonks and have a couple of enhancements and updates in store for you. Without further ado, those are:

Updated shortcuts

We are big fans of shortcuts (after all, they allow you to work faster within any application). However, we never were quite satisfied with how we implemented them technically. Of course, we couldn't let this stand any longer. Hence, we are excited to announce that we re-factored the shortcuts and added many new ones.

We also aimed to take over most of the shortcuts from Gmail and changed some that made more sense within Helpmonks.

You will now find many convenient shortcuts, e.g., press "1" to jump to "all inboxes" or press "2" to show all emails assigned to you.

You can find all the new shortcuts by pressing "?" within Helpmonks.

Fast loading for emails and attachments

It seems like we find more ways to tune the performance every month and create an even faster Helpmonks experience for you. This month is no different, and we increased the loading of emails in many ways. You will find this beneficial for those email threads with many replies.

Additionally, we enhanced the loading of attachments within the email thread, the contact profile, and the company profile manifold.

Miscellaneous enhancements and fixes

Of course, we also looked at existing options and tuned them or, where needed, patched those pesky bugs.

  • We now detect if the last reply is from an automated email address, e.g., no-reply or mailer-daemon, and prompt you to change the recipient's address when composing your response.
  • The sorting of contacts in the TO field (and other places) is now done in ascending order.
  • We now remember your chosen mailbox for a new message and select it automatically again the next time.
  • Editing a note now works properly and will also provide the option to mention team members again.
  • A bug prevented pasted images from saving properly for marketing campaigns and knowledge base pages. Luckily, email messages were not affected by this bug.
  • An email thread did not always show the file tabs under infrequent circumstances. 
  • Some administrators were not able to see the sessions of users.
  • The avatars of users always showed "GR" instead of the initials of the group name.
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