Helpmonks Knowledge Base Homepage

Now available: Knowledge Base with enhanced Live Chat Widget

Have you ever wanted to create a documentation site that is quick and easy to set up and should just work? You can now do so with the new Knowledge Base right within Helpmonks.

Instead of just adding a Knowledge Base, we also enhanced the Live Chat Widget to show your articles from your Help Center. Users will be able to search for articles right from within the chat.

As a Knowledge Base can be used for many different topics, it's imperative to keep your users updated. Hence, each Knowledge Base site comes with a dedicated section called "Announcements." You can use this section to announce new products or anything newsworthy.

Furthermore, the whole Knowledge Base is entirely customizable. You can choose the colors of each section, add images or icons to categories, and decide what will be shown on the landing page. You can achieve further customization with custom Javascript and CSS.

Moreover, you can select what will be shown in the Chat Widget, e.g., to only use it for Chat, use Chat and the Knowledge Base, or the Knowledge Base and a Contact Form only. Especially the last option allows you to add a Knowledge Base Widget to every site without providing Live Chat.

Speaking of Live Chat, your chat agents now have a new option to quickly search any Knowledge Base and include a link to the article in their customer replies. We also added this option for your emails so that you can quickly include a link to a help page with your email replies.

We've also added the capability to create a custom navigation for your Knowledge Base site. For instance, if you want to integrate a link to your status page, it's as easy as adding a new navigation point within your Knowledge Base section. To top it off, you can also create Sections that group Categories together. Creating sections allows for a multi-product Knowledge Base in one. Of course, you can also create multiple Knowledge Base sites, both public and internal ones.

Your Knowledge Base sites are automatically created and hosted on our high-availability platform. You have the option to use a subdomain for your help center or embed it within your website. Furthermore, your documentation site is fully responsive, i.e., it will work on every device, be it desktop, tablet, or mobile. Moreover, you can add a page title and description for each page to improve your SEO ranking.

Each page you create in your help center is automatically indexed in a blazing-fast full-text search. Your users can find answers to their questions instantly, and it will also highlight the found section. The search engine also incorporates typos to ensure users find what they are looking for. Besides, you can add labels to pages to group them organically together, i.e., your users can also navigate your Knowledge Base by topics. You also have the option to link pages together.

Lastly, we've included Analytics for you as well. With it, you can see which pages get the most views and which topics your users search for the most. It's an invaluable tool to help you and your team to improve your documentation site further. Of course, you can also include your analytic tools like Google Analytics, Matombo, or others.

We are all excited about the release of the Helpmonks Knowledge Base feature. We hope this will further enhance the use of Helpmonks for you and your support, sales, and marketing team. 

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