Switch To The New Helpmonks Version 3

We are sure you are all excited now we’ve already rolled out the new version of HelpmonksNew customers / new trials are now redirected to the new interface, while older customers can try this too :)

The new design of Helpmonks will only affect the look of our software with some small adjustments to the existing features. Plus, this now comes with powerful tools that would surely help you and your team with marketing, enhanced customer support, etc. The data is shared between the current and the new design, so there will be no additional work for you to transfer to the new site and both sites will be available.

How to Switch:
To switch to the new Helpmonks platform, simply go to 3.helpmonks.com and use the same login information. If your email address is registered to more than one account in Helpmonks, you will be shown a list of accounts that you are a member of then, you may choose which one to access.

But can we use both versions? 
Of course, you can! You can keep working on your current account, and if other users decide to use the new version, the actions performed on conversations, (i.e reply, notes, changing status) will be updated on both platforms.

What’s new with Helpmonks Version 3?
The Helpmonks Version 3 have powerful feature such as the Knowledge Base, Overhauled Email Marketing, Email Automation, Landing pages, and much more.

Here’s a short introduction video for you :)

Last updated on Dec. 9th, 2022