How to Create a Help Center

As we continue to further enhance Helpmonks, another powerful tool has been added recently. This is the Knowledge Base feature where you can add an Announcement Site and Help Center.

You may now create your own Help Center in Helpmonks. With this, you can provide your customers with a self-service support option. The Help Center/Knowledge Base can also be integrated into your Helpmonks Engage Live Chat. This will help reduce your support inquiries and will also increase your customer experience.

As there will be a dedicated site for your Knowledge Base, customers can also use “Search” to find the information they require. Moreover, you can include links to articles in your chat/email responses.

Within the Dashboard select the "Knowledge Base" section. You will then be routed to create your “Docs Site” to start. Create a name for your page, a description (optional), and set if you would like to have this available for the public or internally. 

Components of your Help Center

Your Help Center consists of the Navigation Item, Section, and Pages.

Navigation Item:
If you want to add a heading for sections, then you create a Navigation Item. A Navigation Item can either be a section heading or a link to another site. Here is a screenshot of our doc section for reference:

To create a Navigation Item, click the more options in your Docs Site and select the Navigation tab.

Sections are used to divide your content into several dedicated segments within your Docs site. If you have articles/pages that are under the same category or articles that are related to each other, then you may group them into a common Section. You can create sections, for instance, for "Billing", "Guides", "FAQ", and so forth.

To Create Sections, click the “+” icon within your Docs Site and a pop-up box will appear. 

You can create multiple Sections and add them to your Navigation Item. As you can see on our Help Center we have the   "Email Management" as the Navigation Item that acts as a Heading. Then, we added the sections related to it:

When you look at the front end at You will see the "Email Management" navigation in the top bar, and it also acts as a section heading:

These are the collections of your support content/ articles that are helpful to your customers. To create your article, choose the Section where are article is best classified and simply add the title then start composing. 

From the editor, you can also control a variety of settings for your articles such as adding a tag, linking related articles, SEO settings, and more.

Last updated on Jan. 3rd, 2023