How to Create an Announcement Page

As we continue to further enhance Helpmonks, another powerful tool has been added recently. This is the Knowledge Base feature where you can add an Announcement Site and Help Center.

Keeping your customers in the loop about product updates, milestones, or important announcements is easy. Please read on for further information on how to enable this in your Helpmonks account 😃

Within the Dashboard select the "Knowledge Base" section. You will then be routed to create your “Docs Site” to start. Create a name for your page, a description (optional), and set if you would like to have this available for the public or internally.

Add Announcement

You are now ready to create your announcements. Set a title and continue writing in the editor.

Within the editor, you can also further customize your post, i.e add a featured image, related page, etc. And once your announcement is completed, enable the "Published" button when you are ready to display this on your page. 


This is the section where you can customize the announcement page. You can set your preferred announcement title, or change the background color, and so on.

Additionally, you can add "Categories" in this section. Creating categories can be added on your post, so you can group the announcements into a common tag so users/customers can sort them easily.

You may set your preferred color for every category, so you can easily recognize them at a glance. At any point, you may edit and delete them next to the category name.

So you have an idea, here's what our Helpmonks Announcement Page looks like:

Last updated on Dec. 9th, 2022