WORKFLOW: Notify team members when no one replied to a customer

When dealing with a large number of tickets, one of the most important factors is time efficiency. Here is a simplified guide on how to get your team members notified when no one replied to a customer.

  • On your Mailbox Setting, select Workflows then click the Create a New Workflow button.

If you are using the new Helpmonks interface, go to the Mail section and select the Mailboxes tab. Then, click the Mailbox Setting (gear icon) and choose Workflows/Rules. Click the Create a New Workflow button to proceed.

  • Next, name the workflow and select the segment "Trigger based on time" and define how long you prefer this to be. 

  • Under 'Conditions’, you may leave the field unselected, so this workflow could be applied to all messages.

  • Lastly, under Actions click the option pointed below and select the users or all users to notify on a conversation.

You also have an option to add multiple actions i.e assign the conversation to a user, add a note, or add a label.
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Last updated on Sep. 23rd, 2022
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