Service Level Agreement (SLA)

One of the best features of Helpmonks is that you can group your customers into companies and assign a Service-Level-Agreements (SLA). Anyone who deals with support agreements knows that this feature alone is worth a lot for any service-oriented usage of Helpmonks.

With this feature, once the customer is under an SLA, any message that has not received a reply from your team will be marked in a different color in the email list to highlight them better so users can have it prioritized.

The SLA can be enabled for Companies (customers under the same domain), or you can assign customers to a company.

Creating an SLA:
In Helpmonks version 2, to create an SLA, go to the Global Settings and select the Service Level Agreements tab. Then, click the Add SLA button to create a name and to set a response time. 

 With the Helpmonks version 3, you can find the SLA in the Contacts Section. Then go to the Companies tab and click the options button.

Assigning an SLA to a company:
Back on the Contact page, go to Companies and choose a company name from the list. Then, in the Details tab, you can enable the SLA. 

Note: The SLA is reset each time the customer sends an email that hasn’t been replied to. So if there’s an open reply to a customer, the SLA will be applied.

Moreover, you can create a workflow to automate actions you choose to be executed to customers with SLA, i.e label them, assign it to a user, or set reminders, that way there will be no missed deadlines. 

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Last updated on Mar. 15th, 2023
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