Adding an SPF record to help with email delivery

Adding an SPF record (Sender Policy Framework) to your DNS record will help with delivering emails without your emails getting rejected or flagged as spam. An SPF record identifies specific mail servers that are allowed to send emails on behalf of your domain.

If you have your own SMTP server, you don’t need to follow this guide as you are already delivering over your own domain!

Email delivery by Helpmonks
All emails coming from Helpmonks are identified as coming from the Helpmonks domain. Without a SPF record telling the receiving mail server that emails from the Helpmonks domain are authorized to send on behalf of your domain, the emails will most likely be rejected by the receiving mail server.

We strongly recommend that you add an SPF DNS record to your domain that allows emails from Helpmonks to be sent on behalf of your domain.

Adding an SPF DNS record
Adding an SPF DNS record is easy as it is a simple TXT-record. Please go to your respective DNS panel and add a TXT-record that looks like this:
v=spf1 ~all

If you already have an SPF record you can simply add the Helpmonks domain to the SPF record. An example of such a record would be (here we also specify that emails from our Google apps SMTP server):

v=spf1 ~all
Once saved, your emails sent from Helpmonks should now be delivered properly. Please keep in mind that DNS changes can take up to 48h to propagate.

Validate Records

Go to your mailbox settings and click on “Connection”. Then click on the “DKIM” tab and run the test to validate your records. The Helpmonks DNS tools simply check your DNS records. They do not change your DNS records or guarantee that your emails get delivered.
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Last updated on Sep. 28th, 2022
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