Switching SMTP Server

In Helpmonks, we provide our customers with options to switch from the SMTP server they desire to use. Customers may choose to use our SMTP server, your own SMTP Server, or our SMTP server powered by Sendgrid.

* If you use our SMTP servers, you would need to add an SPF record to your DNS panel. This tells other mail servers that our SMTP servers are allowed to send emails on your behalf. It helps with delivering emails without your emails getting rejected or flagged as spam.

* On the other hand, you may also use your own SMTP servers. If you use your own SMTP servers you do NOT need to create an SPF record. Although, even with your own SMTP server a proper SPF record in your DNS is recommended. If you are using Gmail, you may refer to How To Use Gmail SMTP for more information on configuration. 

Lastly you also have the option to use our Sendgrid servers. Sendgrid has a very high delivery rate and is hardly ever blocked (we do pay for these, but as a customer, you are free to use it 🙂).

Once you’ve chosen which SMTP server to use, you may update this by going to the Mailbox Settings.

For Helpmonks Version 2 :

Once you’ve clicked the Mailbox Settings, select Forward & SMTP and choose from the available options.

For Helpmonks Version 3:

In the Mail Section, go to the Mailboxes tab and click the Mailbox Settings (gear icon). 

Then, select SMTP & Sync, and you should see this in the SMTP tab.

Last updated on Oct. 20th, 2022