Working with conversations

Helpmonks makes it easy for you and your team to work with your customers as all emails are stored in a shared mailbox. Within a mailbox, you can take actions on each conversation like leaving a note, assigning a team member, setting reminders, add labels and status.

Understanding how a conversation works
The “inbox” within Helpmonks is the place where all new conversations will come in. Also, messages in the Inbox might not have been assigned. The goal is to have an empty inbox and either mark them with a status or assign them. Once you assign them or set a status they will move from the inbox to the status folder, e.g. Closed, Assigned, Archived, Spam, etc.

A conversation is being marked “unread” (conversation appears bold) when it awaits a reply from you and your team. As soon as you replied within Helpmonks or within your email application the conversation is marked “read”. Once a follow-up reply comes in again it is marked as “unread” again.

Understanding the count
Any conversation that awaits a reply from you and your team is marked as “unread” (bold) and counts towards the count on the left side.

Leaving notes for others
Helpmonks allows you to create unlimited notes for each conversation. All members of a mailbox will get notified by email of a new note and can see the notes within Helpmonks, but notes will never be shared with your customers.

You can create and edit a note within Helpmonks or create a note with email commands.

Assign a conversation
Conversations can be assigned to another team member. Once assigned, the conversation will move from the inbox to the assigned category. Conversations assigned to you will be in the “me” category.
You can assign within Helpmonks or assign with email commands.
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Last updated on Sep. 2nd, 2022
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