WORKFLOW: Notify users despite having notifications turned off

There is an option to create a workflow that allows you to notify users, despite their individual notification settings.

With it, you can tune how you want to work with your shared inbox and its subscribed users even further. For example, a user has his/her notification turned off for the shared inbox. However, he should still be notified on emails, e.g. from a particular company. This can easily be achieved with a Helpmonks workflow as instructed below:

  • On your Mailbox Setting, select Workflows then click the Create a New Workflow button.

If you are using the new Helpmonks interface, go to the Mail section and select the Mailboxes tab. Then, click the Mailbox Setting (gear icon) and choose Workflows/Rules. Click the Create a New Workflow button to proceed.

  • Next, name the workflow and select which segment of users you wanted the workflow to be applied.

  • Then, select the condition pointed below and add the customer's email address or a company 

  • Lastly, under Actions click the option pointed below and select the users or all users to notify on a conversation.

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Last updated on Sep. 23rd, 2022
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