WORKFLOW: How to move an assigned/closed email to the inbox

This article would walk you through how to move assigned or closed emails back to the inbox with the help of a workflow.

When an email is assigned to a user, the customer’s reply will automatically be moved to the user's Assigned To Me folder. Hence, we are getting inquiries that some of you would like to move it to the inbox so you won’t miss your customers reply, especially when the assignee is out of the office.

Here’s how to do it:
  • On your Mailbox Setting, select Workflows then click the Create a New Workflow button.

If you are using the new Helpmonks interface, go to the Mail section and select the Mailboxes tab. Then, click the Mailbox Setting (gear icon) and choose Workflows/Rules. Click the Create a New Workflow button to proceed.

Then on the configuration page, you may refer to the selections as shown in the image below to achieve the desired action. 

To finish, click the Save Changes button to enable the workflow.

Please note that a workflow will only be applied to emails that met all the conditions after it has been created.

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Last updated on Sep. 23rd, 2022
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