WORKFLOW: Assign emails to a user based on the time the email arrives 

In order to create a workflow to assign emails to a team member based on the time the email arrives, you will need to follow these simple steps:

  • On your Mailbox Setting, select Workflows then click the Create a New Workflow button.
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If you are using the new Helpmonks interface, go to the Mail section and select the Mailboxes tab. Then, click the Mailbox Setting (gear icon) and choose Workflows/Rules. Click the Create a New Workflow button to proceed.

  • Name your workflow and select a trigger from the options

  • Under Conditions, select “the conversation arrives within a certain time”, then set the timeframe, days, and timezone.

  • Under Actions, select “Assign the conversation to”, and add users you prefer.
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To finish, click the Save Changes button to enable the workflow.

Please note that a workflow will only be applied to emails that met all the conditions after it has been created.
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Last updated on Sep. 2nd, 2022
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