What to do when you see that not all libraries could be loaded?

Helpmonks Requirements

The Helpmonks application utilizes web standards and as such, requires that the browser accepts the execution of Javascript and accepts Cookies. These are relatively common permissions for any web application.

The Helpmonks application has been tested and is known to work with; Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Vivaldi, Chromium, and Microsoft Edge. Internet Explorer is NOT supported, and Microsoft itself urges users to upgrade to another browser.

If the above requirements are met but are still seeing an error message in Helpmonks or certain parts of the system still do not work, e.g., SpellChecker is not loading, the mobile app shows no notification, etc., follow the Troubleshooting section below.


Please follow the guides below to Troubleshoot potential issues with using Helpmonks.

Reset your Helpmonks cache

The Helpmonks application uses your local browser storage to store data. Sometimes the data in your browser and the data on the server can be out-of-sync. Hence one of the first things to do is to make sure to have a clean browser cache.

For you to not remove only the data that Helpmonks used, you can use the “Maintenance” section under your “Profile” (click on your name in the upper right corner and select “My profile”).

If you are having trouble getting into your account, you can also use the “/reset” URL to reset your data. The complete URL would be, https://2.helpmonks.com/reset (for the current interface) and https://3.helpmonks.com/reset for the new Helpmonks design.

If you like to remove the browser data manually, then delete the data in the “Sessions,” “Cookies,” “LocalStorage,” “Application,” and “Cache” section of your browser. These cache sections are in the “Web Developer Tools” of your browser.

Alternatively, you can also use the “Clear browser data” option that some browsers offer. Please make sure to select to remove “all data,” as, by default, only a fraction of the storage is deleted.

Privacy settings and “Incognito / Private” window

We know of no known issues with using the Helpmonks application in an “Igocnito / Private” window. Our tests have shown that all features of Helpmonks work, as long as all requests are allowed.

Most modern browsers have started to incorporate some “Privacy Tools” to curb the seamless greed of websites that collect data without end. We fully support these efforts and encourage our users to stay safe in their browser. Hence, if you see any issues with using Helpmonks, please add your Helpmonks URL to the list of sites that can be trusted.

Browser Plugins

While we do not deploy any tracking or other means in the Helpmonks application, some plugins might be overly aggressive and block requests.

As previously mentioned, make sure to allow any requests to and from the Helpmonks application.

The SpellChecker is not loading

As always, please reset the cache first (please see the section above). If resetting the cache did not help, please read on.

To see what the issue is, you will need to open the “Web Developer Tools” in your browser. To do so, navigate to the “Web Developer Tools” in the browser menu and open them. Also, you can try to hit the shortcut “CTRL/CMD + SHIFT + I,” as browsers use the same key shortcut.

Once the tool section is open, click on the “Console” tab and reload the page you are on in Helpmonks. If there is an error, you will see this printed on the console.

Note: The console might print “warnings” like “… is deprecated…” or “… is no longer supported…”. These are warnings and NOT errors. You only want to look for apparent errors or permission warnings.

If you do not see any issues in the console, it might be that some request is still hanging or could not be loaded. To see what is loading from the server, click on the “Network” tab, and reload the page. The network section will show all the requests from your browser to the Helpmonks application. Look for any requests that have an error number of 40x or 50x (where “x” will be a number like 404 or 500).

With the information above, we should now know what the issue is and if…

… you see an error with “…permissions…” or “…user settings…” in the console, then this most likely means that your browser settings do not allow to execute the request from Helpmonks. Hence, revisit the top sections on this page and make sure that you allow all requests from and to the Helpmonks application.

… you see that a request has a 40x or 50x status code, then this means that the request to the Helpmonks application could not be fulfilled or was interrupted. The easiest thing here is to reload the page. If you continue to see the issue, reset the cache and reload the page. If that still doesn’t help, contact your IT to check for problems with the network (see below) or contact us.

Network settings

If you are making use of a proxy server, please make sure to not cache the content of the Helpmonks application to long as data can become stale quickly. As we are already deploying a lot of caching and also make use of “Service Workers” (see below), we recommend disabling caching the Helpmonks application in any third-party proxy.

Issues on mobile devices

Helpmonks makes use of Service Workers. Service workers are intended, among other things, to enable the creation of compelling offline experiences, intercept network requests and take appropriate action based on whether the network is available, and update assets residing on the server. They will also allow access to push notifications and background sync APIs.

Please note that push notifications and background sync are NOT available on iOS (iPhones) and padOS (iPads)!
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Last updated on Sep. 23rd, 2022
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