How to set a reminder

While the 'Pending' status is available, some users prefer to bring emails back to their attention. So, adding a reminder will do the work, especially for emails that need follow-up. With this, you can keep track of important conversations.

Here is how to set a reminder:

  • Once you open or when a conversation is selected on the listing page, you would see action buttons. Then, click the Reminder (alarm/calendar) button as shown below.
The Reminder button shows different time frames (e.g. hours, days, weeks), or you may set a reminder at your preferred time and day.

Here's how it looks in Helpmonks version 2

Here's how it looks in Helpmonks version 3

  • Next is to choose your preferred time or day. If you choose the 'At a Specific Time' option, a calendar and a clock will be shown so you can set your preferred day and time.

  • Once the time frame is chosen, a notification will appear.

You may remove the reminder by clicking the trash button on the right side of the notification.

The conversation will then be moved to the REMINDER folder. If the user's desktop notification is enabled, it would show a notification card at the set time, or simply check it through your Account Notifications panel.

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Last updated on Sep. 24th, 2022
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