How to fix email error with external forwarding in Microsoft 365

Since Helpmonks works with email forwarding, we would like to make sure that customers using Microsoft 365 (Office 365) are informed about the update regarding Microsoft disabling automatic forwarding to external addresses as a part of their outbound spam protection.

With this being rolled out in phases, once this has been applied in your Microsoft 365 account, you will see a bounce message in your inbox along with the message that was attempted to be forwarded to Helpmonks.

This includes the line shown in the image below:

To resolve the issue, kindly contact your email administrator to allow automatic external forwarding to your Helpmonks mailbox(es)

Please refer to the link below for more information regarding this update:

For email administrators, you may check the link below for a guide on how to make changes in your Microsoft 365 (Office 365) forwarding configuration:
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Last updated on Sep. 24th, 2022
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