How to create Saved Replies

The Helpmonks Saved Replies will surely save a ton of time for your mailbox users when responding to common inquiries. With just a few clicks, your customers will surely be delighted to see how fast your team’s response is.

  • To create a Saved Reply, go to the Mail Section > Mailboxes > select the Mailbox Settings then, Saved Replies. 

Helpmonks Version 2:

Helpmonks Version 3:

  • Then give your Saved Reply a name and compose your response in the text editor. 
Note: When you add a “subject” on a Saved Reply and you use it within a workflow, it overwrites the email subject.

  • Moreover, you can create Groups and categorize your Saved Replies, so your users can easily manage and search them within the editor.

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Last updated on Sep. 24th, 2022
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