How to create custom folders/labels

Helpmonks offers a very convenient way to create your own “folders”. However, we do not call them “folders” but LABELS. With Labels, you can tag your emails and make them easily accessible to you and your team.

The option to add a Label can be found when you click your name in the top-right corner. And within the label page, you can create as many labels as you like and also nest them.

With the new Helpmonks version 3, you should be able to find this once you go to the Mail section > Mail Settings.

When you click a Label, you have the option to edit the name, define the color, or if the label should be nested.

How it looks in Version 2

How it looks in Version 3

Once you have your labels, you can enable the "Label-Explorer" in the Mailbox Settings. Go to General Settings > Look and Feel to enable the option to show the labels in your left-hand navigation. Also, upon clicking on any label within Helpmonks it will take you to the list of emails with that label


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Last updated on Sep. 24th, 2022
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