How to create a mailbox

Helpmonks works with mailboxes. As explained in “How mailboxes work” you need to have at least one mailbox in order for Helpmonks to work.

The very first time you sign in to Helpmonks you will be prompted to create a mailbox. If you want to add another mailbox you can do so from the Dashboard directly or from the Mail Settings.

When working with the Helpmonks version 2:

Or, you may also go to the Global Settings, then select the Mailboxes tab

When working with the Helpmonks version 3:

Then, on the mailbox page, enter the mailbox name (this should be a descriptive name like “Sales” or “Support”).

The mailbox email address is the address at which you receive emails, i.e.,,, etc. This is your public email address and is the address that customers see in your replies.

Note: Helpmonks doesn’t access your account in any way. In order for the mailbox to work you need to forward emails to the mailbox email address (the one you receive when you finish creating the mailbox). How to set up forwarding depends on your mail provider, here is how to forward emails from Google.

After you entered all the information you will be presented with the summary screen. Go ahead and send your first email to this address to see how Helpmonks works.

Once the mailbox is set up, you can configure different aspects of the mailbox in its settings.

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Last updated on Sep. 24th, 2022
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