How mailboxes work

A mailbox in Helpmonks is the same as in your email client, it is a container for emails. You and your team can work within a mailbox to reply to or assign emails, set reminders, or perform various other tasks. Helpmonks does not require that you ever use our web client to use your mailbox as you can simply send email commands to Helpmonks to conduct actions to the conversation.

How it works
When you create a mailbox in Helpmonks, a unique email address will be given to you for that mailbox. All, you then need to do, is to forward from your live email address, e.g. to the unique forward email address generated in Helpmonks.

To do so, simply forward or copy all emails from e.g. to the mailbox address. The steps, to forward your emails, will depend on your email server provider. Here is an example of how to forward emails from Google.

If you are yet not ready to forward your live email address, you can simply send to the mailbox email address.

More than one email address that you want to manage with Helpmonks?
If you want to manage more than one email address with Helpmonks then simply create another mailbox. Each mailbox has a unique email address and Helpmonks is smart enough to put incoming emails into the corresponding mailbox for you. Each mailbox can have its own users, rules, workflows, reminders, etc.

Should I use Helpmonks for my private emails?
In short, no. Helpmonks is not a full-fledged email client for personal email. While you could certainly use it, the aim of Helpmonks is to help teams to have a shared inbox and collaborate on emails.

Should I be working from my original email inbox?
Once you are forwarding emails to Helpmonks, you should not reply from your original email account anymore and only use the mailbox within Helpmonks and/or reply to emails from Helpmonks. This is to ensure that all your conversations are being handled by Helpmonks and properly assigned to users, aligned with client history and all.
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Last updated on Sep. 2nd, 2022
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