Helpmonks PWA for your iOS / iPad

With the aim to continually improve customer experience, we released the Helpmonks PWA App. With the Helpmonks PWA you can install “Helpmonks” on your iPhone and iPad device.

Installing the Helpmonks PWA

A Helpmonks PWA on your iPhone/iPad will not prompt you to install the app (it’s another PWA limitation on Apple devices). Hence, you will see a customized install screen that we created.


In short, all you need to do is to click on the “Share” button and select the “Add to Home Screen” action. This will install the Helpmonks app on your home screen.


Once you’ve added the Helpmonks app to your home screen you should see it as its own app. From here you can launch the app with a single click.



Contrary to the Android PWA implementation, iPhones and iPads do not support native notifications and as such you will not receive any notifications.

Once Apple will enable Push Notifications for the iPhone and iPad, the Helpmnonks app will automatically send them as the code to do so is already within the Helpmonks app.

Apple PWA limitation

As mentioned before, Apple’s implementation of PWA is unfortunately not up to par as expected. Hence, some of the promised of a true PWA experience cannot be fulfilled on iOS devices.

  • No native notifications (as outlined above)
  • When switching between apps with the IOS switcher you will see a white screen instead of the application itself
  • Apple only allows to safe up to 50 MB cache on their devices. Hence, while the Helpmonks PWA still benefits from the local cache, it will flush the cache locally much more often than necessary.
  • You might experience some other visual glitches with PWA (this is not related to the Helpmonks PWA only)
PWA is the future and is based on standard web technologies. Hence, Apple cannot ignore them much longer and we expected PWA’s to be fully supported in future versions of iDevices (iOS/iPadOS 13 is the version we tested and based the above on).


As there are no local preferences saved, most issues you might experience can be simply resolved by “Uninstalling” the Helpmonks app. Re-installing the Helpmonks app can be done by simply visiting your Helpmonks account again in your Chrome Android browser.

Please try the above step, before contacting support.

If that does not help, please reach out to us at
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Last updated on Sep. 27th, 2022
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