Helpmonks PWA for your Android

With the aim to continually improve customer experience, we released the Helpmonks PWA App. With the Helpmonks PWA, you can install “Helpmonks” on your Android device and receive native notifications.

Installing the Helpmonks PWA

A PWA is installed by visiting the website. Hence, when you visit your Helpmonks account with Google Chrome on your Android device you will be prompted to “add Helpmonks to your home screen”. If you agree, you should see the Helpmonks icon on your Home screen or in your application drawer.

Note that due to Google’s policy for PWA apps you might have to visit your app in the Chrome browser a few times before you get the installation prompt.


Native notifications

One of the major benefits of a PWA app on Android is that you will receive native notifications just like a native app.

Once you installed the Helpmonks app and signing into your account you will be prompted to “Allow notifications”. The notifications are the same as on your desktop or by email. Hence, you also control the notifications with the “Notification Settings” in your profile. The “desktop” notifications are the ones that apply to the Android notification as well.


Once enabled, you will receive notifications in the Android notification drawer just like with any other app.


Clicking on the notification will take you directly to the message.


As there are no local preferences saved, most issues you might experience can be simply resolved by “Uninstalling” the Helpmonks app. Re-installing the Helpmonks app can be done by simply visiting your Helpmonks account again in your Chrome Android browser.

Please try the above step, before contacting support.

If that does not help, please reach out to us at

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Last updated on Sep. 27th, 2022
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