Forward Emails from Google Groups to Helpmonks

Here is a quick and simple instruction on how you can forward emails from Google Groups to your Helpmonks mailbox.

Before you configure forwarding, please note your Helpmonks unique email address.

Grab the mailbox email address by going to the Mailbox SettingsGeneral > Forward & SMTP.

Grab the mailbox email address by going to the Mailbox Settings > General Settings.

  • To get started, log in to your Google Apps Admin Console, then select Groups Icon.
Note : You must be a Google Apps Administrator to make these changes.

  • Then, locate the group, and under the group name choose Manage User Info.

  • Enter your Helpmonks forwarding email address and click on the Add button. 

 Note: Remove all existing members on the group once you added your Helpmonks forwarding address, it should be the only member of your Google Group. Simply add the users to your Helpmonks account to work collaboratively on your email conversations.

  • Select All Email from the subscription option if you would like to forward all message that arrives in your mailbox.
  • Lastly, send a test email. Once the email arrives, your team is now all set to handle emails in Helpmonks.

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Last updated on Sep. 27th, 2022
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