Collision Detection

The Collision Detection feature in Helpmonks prevents two agents from replying at the same time to an email. Thus, it prevents waste of work, time, and effort :)

Real-time collision detection
You can tell if another user is working on a conversation from the email list and within the conversation. You would see an “eye” icon appears next to the conversation that is being viewed by another user, and you’ll also see a status when a user is actively composing a reply. 

Should you proceed, or by any chance you compose another response to an email that has been answered, Helpmonks will alert you to this fact and will show you an option to Delete, Edit, or continue to Send your reply.

And not just in Helpmonks, the Collision Detection also works when you send a reply in your email client. It will immediately notify you via email that someone from your team has already replied, and an option if you wish to proceed to send, or delete your message.

Collision Folder
Emails that are paused by collision detection are available in the Collision folder. There are two sections within the Collision folder, (1) collisions that occurred within the Helpmonks application, (2) collisions that occurred while sending a reply from your email client.

The messages in this folder are accessible to all users of the mailbox. Hence, they can choose to remove, edit or send the message.

Collision Settings
The collision feature is enabled by default in your account, however, you can always change how "far back" the collision detection should defect a collision. To do this, please go to the Global Mail Settings and under General Settings you can find the setting that lets you set the time frame of the collision detection or even disable it from your mailbox.

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Last updated on Oct. 6th, 2022
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