How Harry's Shared Mailbox went from Haphazard to Harmonious with Helpmonks

Harry is the Sales Lead of Sales Professional Inc. Harry has huge problem, emails to his team are currently arriving through a distribution list, and keeping track of who is to answer which email and when is laborious. Harry is very concerned because his sales team is not efficiently answering emails and are even missing out on sales opportunities!

So one day, Harry sets out to find a solution to his shared mailbox problem. He finds Helpmonks and simply sets up his team email account…

Create a Shared Mailbox

The first thing that Harry does is to create a shared mailbox...

Create a shared mailbox.

...and starts to add his sales people.

Add members to your shared mailbox.

Forward "other" inbox to the Helpmonks shared mailbox

Harry then configures his account to forward incoming messages to his Helpmonks shared mailbox unique email address. Upon making this update the first emails arrive…

email management with no change needed.

His sales people continue working as if nothing has changed

Since Helpmonks integrates seamlessly into Harry’s and his current team email workflow, there is nothing for anybody on his team to learn.

customer support software in team email


Harry can now see all emails sent to his sales team, and who has replied. He can also assign individual emails to a team member, so that each member is aware of which email conversations are his or hers to answer.

team email how it should be

Fast forward a couple of weeks...

Harry and his sales team are now all working with a shared mailbox in Helpmonks and see the real benefit of collaborating on Helpmonks integrated email management software. Not only can Harry's team respond more efficiently to sales enquiries but they can also...

customer service software as team email

Comment within emails

...leave comments on each email and collaborate within the context of the email. Harry's team can freely communicate within the Helpmonks email management software or by email knowing that their comments are never sent to or seen by the customers.

email management software

One of Harry's managers points out that he loves this...

Set reminders

In order to be reminded Harry's manager sets individual email reminders to ensure that he will reply in a timely manner. Not only can he use the reminders for emails that he intends to respond to, but also as a reminder to follow-up on sales leads.

team email with workflow

Meanwhile behind the scenes...

Harry just found HelpMonk’s workflow feature which helps him to streamline incoming conversations to the right team member as well as set automatic reminders based on Harry’s chosen criteria. Harry and his team are so happy with Helpmonks email management that they’ve showed it to the Support Team who are now using it too.

The Support Team especially likes the embedded service level agreement feature which sets automated reminders for those customers with a support contract. With the optional free add-ons the support team can easely create support tickets from Helpmonks in Github, Jira, Zendesk and project management tools like Trello and Basecamp.

Harry and his company are very happy to have found an email management software that acts both as a customer service software and as a customer support software.

What people are saying about Helpmonks

I'm testing your service. I like what I see. Looks perfect for a small office I'm working with!

— Tim Martin

Thanks to @helpmonks we're changing how our staff respond to incoming emails so we can better support our members.

— MetroAir

#Helpmonks may have just figured out team email, for real

— Kyle S

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