How to add users and their permissions

Once you created your mailbox(es) in Helpmonks, the next step is to add users who can access it, so they can start working with your team emails.

To add a user, in the Dashboardselect Users and within the user’s page click the Add New User button. There is also an import option should you which to add multiple users at once.

When you choose to add a user, an inline window is shown to enter the user’s data. Selecting the user’s role (i.e User, Admin, and Sub-Admin) is important too as this rule which settings in the account are they allowed to update or make changes.

Note: If you plan to work in Helpmonks only, i.e., to never send emails from users to Helpmonks or reply from outside Helpmonks, you can just add "dummy" email addresses for your users. However, if they need to receive notifications, we suggest a real one. 

User: They only have access to read and reply to emails in the mailbox

SubAdmin: They have full access and are able to update the settings of the mailboxes they are members of

Administrator: They have full access to all mailboxes, user settings, payment settings, etc.

Lastly, once the users are added then, you can go to the Mailbox Settings > Mailbox Users and select which users should have access to your mailbox(es) in Helpmonks.

Additionally, within the Global Settings > User's Permission, you can set system-wide operations the users are permitted to do, 

Last updated on May. 13th