How to enable tracking for your emails

Helpmonks email tracking

Tracking, also known as Open Tracking, is a feature that lets you see if your recipients viewed your message. Once your recipient has viewed the message, we show the status on the listing page and within the conversation view.

How does tracking work

When you send an email, we embed a tiny invisible graphic at the bottom of your HTML email. When someone opens your email and views the images within it, that graphic is downloaded from our server, and it’s recorded as a view of your message. Automated replies, such as out-of-office messages, generally do not count as viewing.

As the tracking relies on a hidden image in your message, only people who view your email as HTML will count towards tracking. In addition, tracking only works if your recipient allows displaying images. Recipients that have chosen to not display images, cannot be tracked.

How to enable tracking

Tracking can be enabled for all your mailboxes in the Global Mail Settings. To enable tracking for all your mailboxes:

In Helpmonks Version 2, click on your account username at the top right of your screen and select “Global Settings”. You will then have the option to enable tracking under the “General Settings” section and click on the enable button.

For Helpmonks Version 3, in the Mail Section, click Settings and select Global Mail Settings and click the enable button.

Additionally, each mailbox can enable or disable the tracking feature within the mailbox settings which overrides the general one. 

In Versions 2 and 3, you can enable/disable tracking within the “Mailbox Settings”. The option is available in the “Miscellaneous” tab. 

Please note that the mailbox setting will always override the system-wide setting.

Tracking information within Helpmonks

When someone has seen your message, Helpmonks automatically records this and shows you the tracking status (eye icon) on the listing page and within the message.

Last updated on Sep. 27th, 2022