How to use Gmail SMTP

While we don't encourage you to create a mailbox in Helpmonks with a email address, here are the steps to add the Gmail SMTP server settings to your mailbox.

You MUST use the Gmail SMTP server settings for sending emails, if your Helpmonks mailbox email address uses a email address.

As you cannot use your Gmail account password you will need to create a dedicated App Password. The option to create an App Password is only available if your Google account is secure with 2-step authentication. Hence, please make sure this requirement is met before you continue. Click here to check your Google account now.

Create an App Password

To create an App password go to your Google account security settings and click on the App password link.

Within the App password section create a new account and select "mail" for type and select "Other" for device. Then enter "Helpmonks" and click on "Generate".

You will then be presented with a unique App password. Make sure to copy the password. We need it in the next section.

Change SMTP settings for your Helpmonks mailbox

Log in to your Helpmonks account and go to your mailbox settings (you will find the mailbox settings by clicking on the "gear" icon next to your mailbox name).

Within the mailbox settings, navigate to "SMTP" and select "use my SMTP server" within the SMTP section. You will then have the option to enter the SMTP credentials to send emails over the Gmail SMTP servers.

Under SMTP domain name enter and use the number 465 for the SMTP port. Enter your Google account email address for SMTP username and paste the App password you copied previously.

In order to activate the new SMTP settings, click on "Send test email" and check that box underneath for any errors. On success, you should have received an email already.

If you received the email successfully you can now save the SMTP settings and all emails will be using the Gmail SMTP servers for sending immediately.

Last updated on Sep. 27th, 2022