Sync outgoing messages automatically to your IMAP server

As Helpmonks works with forwarding emails to your Helpmonks mailboxes, new messages and replies are also kept in your Helpmonks mailboxes.

If you want to store a copy of those messages on your server, you have two options:
  1. Create a workflow and CC or BCC all outgoing messages to another email address.
  2. Use the IMAP sync to automatically copy a message to a folder of your choice.
Please note that the IMAP sync is only available in the “BLISS” and  "FURTHER” plans.

This guide explains how to set up the IMAP sync.

In the Mailbox Settings, select the Sync settings tab. Then, please enter your mail-server credentials in the form fields. Once done, click on “Test mail server connection”. If there is an issue with the connection, the error will outline what happened. If you need help, please check the Troubleshooting section below.

Once your mail server connection could be established, you will be asked where you would like Helpmonks to store your outgoing emails. Please select the appropriate folder from the drop-down menu. Usually, this is the “Sent” folder. For a Gmail account, you will see some folder names starting with “[Gmail]”.

Please note that to change the folder, please click on “Test email server connection” which will fetch the latest folders from your mail server.

If you selected a folder, please click on “Update” to save the IMAP sync. From here on all replies from your team will automatically be synced to the folder you selected on the mail server.


Google Apps
Office365 / Outlook

Last updated on Nov. 11th, 2022