Report FAQs

At Helpmonks we know how important reports are for every business to gauge their communication metrics. So in addition to our Helpmonks Report, this article will cover our most frequently asked questions about our reports.

Question: Does a canned response / saved reply count as a first response?

When chosen as a template and sent by a subscriber, it does count as a first response. However, when the saved reply is automatically sent to the customer when the email is received, it is not counted as a first response.

Question: Does creating a response using an email client registered on Helpmonks affect the reports?

If it is the email client related to a mailbox, then no, this data will not be counted in the reports at all. Furthermore, Helpmonks is not aware of any emails which are sent directly from the email client of a mailbox, as they are not forwarded to the system.

If responding from a subscriber’s email client, for example to a Helpmonks notification, then yes, a response from a subscriber’s email client would be counted the same as a response from that user within Helpmonks. Either responding through the system or through your personal email client counts.

Question: Can reports be adjusted to our operating hours only (excluding overnight and weekends)?

All hours are counted regardless of the time of day. There is no way to select chosen hours.

Question: If a closed/resolved conversation is re-opened by the customer to start a new conversation, does this impact the close time?

If an email remains closed and remains so overnight on the system’s timezone then it will count in the reports as resolved conversation. If the client emails and “reopens” the conversation closing the email again will count as a second closed conversation A single conversation can be reported as closed multiple times.

Last updated on May. 29th, 2023