How to transfer subscription responsibilities (updating payment and contact credentials)

Updating the contact information for invoices and payment details can be done within your Helpmonks account. So, if you would need to transfer the account responsibilities to another user or you simply wanted to update the account's contact or payment credentials, please see below how.

  • Click your name in the top right corner, and select My Helpmonks Account if you are using the current Helpmonks interface. However, for the new design, click the Account Settings.
Helpmonks Version 2

Helpmonks Version 3

  • Then, on the Account Details page, you should see the Billing and Invoices section. Simply fill it out and save the changes to update.

Please note that only users with admin rights are only authorized to make this change. If you are updating the contact/billing info to a new member, please make sure to add him/her in Helpmonks as an 'admin' so he/she can make any changes within the account too.
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Last updated on Sep. 24th
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