Helpmonks Product Updates

Sep. 15th, 2021

We are well underway for the new re-design. However, that doesn't hold us back on adding or fixing things :) Here's what has been done.


  • Live Chat: There was an issue with not being able to continue to chat when no agent joined the chat.
  • Live Chat: There was an issue with sending the chat transcript.
  • Todos: We've fixed a small issue with displaying user names.
  • Drip Campaigns: We've fixed an issue with showing the user list.
  • DNS error message: Due to an error with a core library you received a message your DNS server is not properly configured. We've changed the library now until they release a fix, i.e., all is working :)

August 23th, 2021


  • The SpellChecker (a 3rd-party module) turned on auto-correction without notifying us about it. Hence, some of your words got automatically converted. While there is an option to accept the word as written, we've now added an option for you to turn auto-correction off.
  • We've made a small improvement to our editor to better handle notes with mentions.


  • There was an issue with our approval process that has been fixed now.

Public Form link and other enhancements


In addition to creating embedded and pop-up forms, you can now also share your form publicly directly from us! Simply copy and paste your unique Form URL and share it.

We've added an option to automatically add contacts to your distribution list when you import from a CSV file or copy & paste email addresses.


  • Searching for contacts is now faster with this update.
  • Email Campaigns: If you use Sendgrid as an SMTP service we make sure to only use the verified domain for sending.
  • SMTP Settings: There is now an option to reset (start from new) your Sendgrid domain verification.

New editor for your email campaign templates

We've added a new editor for your email campaigns!

The new editor allows for a much smoother editing experience and it tailored towards email templates. We've also updated many of our templates and added new ones.


May 25th, 2021


  • API: Distribution lists: We've fixed an issue with not counting the overall subscriber count of the list properly.
  • API: Distribution lists: We've fixed an issue with adding a user several times to the same list.
  • We've fixed an issue with importing contacts from a CSV and not update existing contacts properly.
  • We've also fixed a small issue where the back button after an import would not take you to the last page.

May 20th, 2021


  • Distribution lists: You can now select labels to be excluded from a contact, e.g., include contacts with the label "demo" but not if they have the label "lead".
  • Distribution lists: You can now import contact records from within a list directly.
  • Distribution lists: There are now landing page settings for the "Unsubscribe" and "User preferences" pages. There is a default setting (which applies to all lists) with the option to overwrite them for each list individually. Also, you have the option to preview these pages.
  • Email Campaigns: We've added a "User Preferences" landing page, so your subscribers can update their name and email.
  • Email Campaigns: New variables: $unsubscribe$ and $preferences$ for the new settings above.


  • Editor: We've improved the saving of your templates, especially email templates for your email campaigns so that it properly saves your changes even if you are in code view.
  • Editor: Updated to the latest edition which contains a lot of fixes for different browsers.
  • Email Campaigns: We are now alerting users if the SMTP setting is missing.
  • Email Campaigns: Contacts are now counted overall to be aligned with our new pricing model (coming soon).


  • Chat: The email transcript will now show the chat rating properly.
  • Chat: We've fixed an issue with the chat notification when a user had "do not disturb" enabled.

April 29th, 2021


  • We've fixed an issue with the notifications not being marked as seen or read (was caused by an update two days ago).

April 28th, 2021

Engage Live Chat:

  • We've fixed an issue with sending the transcript from within the administration.
  • We've fixed an issue with not showing the Avatar of all users in a chat in the email transcript.
  • We've fixed an issue with your messages and replies not showing properly that could occur when you chat with us, close the chat, and then chat again.
  • We are now hiding/showing the reply option within the administration depending if the user closed the chat.

April 26, 2021


  • The Company ID is now visible under the company detail page


  • We've made major improvements to the count performance. Especially within a summary section, e.g., "Assigned to others" you should see a faster response.
  • IP-Access plugin: We've improved the handling of adding and removing the configuration manifold.


  • IP-Access plugin: We've fixed an issue with not applying the IP address properly under some rare circumstances.

April 20th, 2021


  • We've overhauled the Drafts and Collection section, so that the counts are properly reflected and that there is a minimum of refreshes of the page.


  • Email Campaigns: Users that are hidden are not being added to a distribution list anymore.
  • Email Campaigns: Uploading of an image did not work properly within a campaign.
  • Email Campaigns: We've fixed an issue with the editor not showing all of the content.
  • Editor: When an image/attachment existed already, the editor did not show that correctly leaving you thinking that there was an error.

April 15, 2021


Email Campaigns: We've added percentages for the overall statistics


  • A customer profile showed the sent email campaigns all with the same date. Also, they are sorted correctly now.

April 8th, 2021


  • We've re-factored the handling of backend sending servers
  • We've cut down on the status messages as some were recorded unnecessarily
    • Trello plugin: Made it more compatible with our White-Label service


    • We've fixed an issue with receiving an email notification when you got mentioned in a note

Request meeting with our team

Sometimes a meeting can help

We've always gone the extra mile to help our customers. As of today, we have one more direct option for you.

We've just added the option to schedule a meeting with our team within Helpmonks. To do so, use the new "Schedule Meeting" link in the "Help" menu.

April 7th, 2021


  • We've changed the cache threshold for the conversation view for a faster reflection for changes


  • We've fixed an issue with not showing the proper page when two-factor authentication failed
  • Form-Builder: We've fixed an issue with not showing some saved values in the form preview

Import of new email addresses

In addition to the CSV import, you can now copy & paste email addresses into the re-designed import window. At the same time, you can select one or many labels to add to the new contact record.

April 5th, 2021


You can now keep your distribution lists automatically updated with customers that have a label or belong to a company. This works, as when you add a label to a customer, the email address automatically gets added to the distribution list(s). Subsequently, when you remove the label, the email address gets removed.

This works everywhere, within Helpmonks and also when you use the API for adding or removing labels from a customer.


  • Distribution lists: We've now added a link to the customer in the list
  • Drip Campaigns: We are now showing the Trigger for the campaign in the overview already


  • Drip Campaigns: We've fixed an issue with adding new customer records to a campaign when "add by labels" is selected
  • Form-Builder: We've fixed a small issue with a field being submitted with undefined
  • Chat: We've fixed an issue with not showing the chat messages properly when the user navigates to another page or refreshes the current one
  • We've fixed a small issue with Avatars in general, too

Helpmonks in Q1 of 2021

We've made a post about all the enhancements and changes since the start of 2021. Head over to

We hope you like this summary.

Form Builder: Create contact forms or forms to add subscribers to email campaigns

The Form-Builder is now available to all users

Use it to create a contact form or a form to add contacts to your distribution list or automated email drip campaign.

We've also added tagging new contacts with labels. Furthermore, forms can also be sent by email to your Helpmonks mailbox. Moreover, you can create as many forms as you require.

March 29th, 2021


  • We've improved the loading of the contacts. It should now be around 20% faster :)
  • When you filter the contacts by a label you can now choose "select all" and it will only select the ones with the filter. We are also showing how many users there are in the selected labels.
  • We've also updated all "actions" (add a label, add to the campaign, etc.) to work with the "all" users when using a label filter
  • We've also improved the loading of Avatars


  • We've fixed an issue with showing all users when filtered by labels

March 27th, 2021


  • We've further improved the import of a CSV for customers and users


  • We've fixed an issue with drafts not being removed when edited within a group

March 25th, 2021


  • We are now showing the proper preview text for outgoing emails to subscribers. We've also enhanced the preview text for emails to customers.
  • Engage Email Campaigns: We've also enhanced the preview text for your email templates. In short, you don't need to add anything special to your email templates anymore.
  • Engage Email Campaigns: We are now showing how many times the user clicked on a link properly. Previously, we've shown only "1", even though the user clicked more than once.


  • An attachment could have gotten removed accidentally if you had the IMAP sync turned on.

March 23nd, 2021


  • Engage Email Campaigns: We've fixed an issue with using variables within your email campaigns.
  • Saved Replies: We've fixed an issue where the attachments from the saved reply were not added to the message.
  • Group drafts: There was an issue with redirecting the user to the mailbox draft. This also caused some confusion with counts and the context. Something that will be prevented in our new design as well. For now, the issue is resolved.
  • We've upgraded the ServiceWorker library which fixes a small bug with some operations (benign issues that weren't affecting anyone). Behind the scene stuff :)
  • Engage Chat: Attachments were only stored in temporary space but not in the primary location
  • We've fixed an issue with not showing the proper sender when the email list got updated automatically and also made sure that we don't cache too much.
  • We've fixed an issue with not showing the proper SMTP server in the frontend when your custom SMTP server setting was reset (because there was an error sending).
  • We've fixed an issue that seldomly happened when there was an attachment with having the IMAP sync enabled.
  • We've enhanced the parser to parse "addresses" properly that would contain invalid HTML (not exactly a fix and more an enhancement)

March 12th, 2021


  • You can now double click on a message to open the conversation in a new browser window
  • Workflow: We've added the option to check for the CC in the email

We've also made it so that when you use our website at to sign in to your Helpmonks account you will be remembered and can just click the "Sign in" button again to go directly to your account again.

March 11th, 2021


  • Engage Sendgrid servers domain change! Instead of "engage.yourdomain", you have to use "" now.
  • The editor will now accept pasted content from Word automatically


  • We've fixed an issue with sending out an email to the same user as the logged in user

Email automation is here

Big news! We are happy to announce Email Automation in Helpmonks!

The full announcement is at New in Helpmonks: Email Automation

Engage Email Automation: Expose actions on user

Within your automations you can now see a log of all the activities and actions of the user, e.g., when the user opened the email, clicked on a link, and so forth.

February 28th, 2021


  • Campaigns can now be scheduled!
  • Within a customer profile you can now add the user to a distribution list too (previously only to an automated campaign). Also, you now see to which list the user is subscribed to (and can remove the user)
  • The email sidebar will now show the automated campaigns and/or the distribution lists the contact is a member of
  • There is now also a summary available for automated campaigns
      • Engage Distribution list: There is now an option to remove all subscribers of a list
      • Engage Distribution list: We've also added an option to search for users in a list
      • Engage Sent Campaigns: You can now search for users to quickly see the activities
      • Engage Chat Agent Reports: We are now showing which chats got a bad rating


          • Engage Automated Campaigns: Adding a label to a customer record is now adding the record to the campaign independent if the campaign is active or not
          • Email Sidebar: You can now hide the label dropdown


          • Engage Campaigns: We've fixed an issue with the distribution list showing "0" users
          • We showed a warning issue that the SMTP server was not properly configured, even when you used your own server
          • Email Sidebar: When the customer record had no label, it did not show that a label was added (despite adding the label in the background)
          • Preview Window: Will now show the subject properly
          • We've fixed an issue that removed the filter when you viewed emails within "Assigned to others" or "Pending" and filtered by a specific user

    February 24th, 2021


    • Added background color to emails when user right-clicks. Color will stay for 20 seconds after the content menu is closed. This should help with seeing what email was selected when you have a long list of emails.


    • The right sidebar will now show the most recent user who replied or was sent a reply to. Previously, it only showed the user who originally sent you the message.


    • Engage Automated Campaign: Template changes were not saved.

    February 23th, 2021


    • Engage Campaigns: You can now leverage our Sendgrid servers for your campaign emails.
    • We've added the option to reply, leave a note, and forward the email within the preview window.


    • We've added the $message$ and $preheader$ variable to the campaign editor variables.


    • We've fixed issues with setting the proper status/assignee under some circumstances with the new settings.

    Engage Live-Chat: Reports on agents

    The report on agents is now live!

    Engage: Automated Campaigns

    Big day! The automated campaigns are now available in Helpmonks!

    Option to add and remove customer labels in the right sidebar

    We've now added the option to modify labels of a customer in the sidebar of an email thread.

    Moving notification to the bottom right corner

    We've now moved the notification to the bottom right corner as we've seen that the upper right corner can become quite busy.

    Add a setting that sets the default status/assignee dropdown when adding a note

    We've now added a separate setting for the default status and default assignee when you create a note. Please note: This is not a separate status and assignee definition for the note. These settings apply to the message.

    That said, it will allow you to overwrite the status and assignee when you create a note (if that is what you want to do) and also set it so it doesn't overwrite it at all.

    February 18th, 2021


    • We've improved the parsing of some emails that contained a lot of hidden [if mso] tags. 99.9% of the time, they display properly within Helpmonks and it only became apparent when the email was forwarded and the end-user used Outlook.


    • Signatures that only contained breaks and spaces were considered as a "signature"
    • There was a slight visual glitch in the list view with the "and more than 1 person" subheading

    February 17th, 2021


    • The newly introduced mailbox setting for setting a default status and assignee was a copy of the "reply" option and thus did not explain it properly. We've now updated it to explain its purpose better.
    • We saw that the performance of the summaries for assignees and pending, both in the mailbox and the dashboard, was not up to our expectations. We've now also updated it to perform better.


    • Engage Campaigns: The campaign archive user listing didn't make sense when there were more records than one available for a user. We've corrected it now to display properly.

    February 12th, 2021


    We now have a separate option for the default status and default assignment for composing or forwarding an email.


    There was a stupid bug with not showing your signature for your mailboxes within your profile. We apologize for that.

    February 11th, 2021


    • If there are no labels within a mailbox, we now automatically hide the "add a label" and "move to label folder" buttons, too.
    • We are now pre-filling the values of selected mailboxes, statuses, etc. of a previous search into the advanced search.


    • We've fixed an issue with composing a new email when there is no content and the system wants to create a draft, i.e., the "send message" button kept being disabled
    • We've fixed an issue with the default status and assignee setting not being applied for new and forwarded emails
    • Users with one mailbox should have gone directly into the mailbox by clicking on the "Mailbox" in the main navigation. However, that didn't work properly. We've fixed it now, too.

    February 9th, 2021


    • Engage Email Campaigns: You can now customize the preview text. This is the preview text the users see right underneath the subject in most email clients.
    • Engage Email Campaigns: Your email subject is now automatically added as the title in your HTML template.


    • Editor update that fixes some focus issues
    • We've re-factored how to show internal notification for news records
    • You now have the "r" (for a reply) and the "d" (for trash) shortcut within a message

    February 5th, 2021


    • Engage: Add users to a distribution list from the customer list and the email conversation sidebar
    • To-Dos: You now have the option to filter by an assignee under the "Assigned to others" section


    • We've fixed an issue with replying within a Group and not using the users' name for replies and values in signatures
    • We've fixed an issue with loading the drafts within a Group when already in the email thread
    • We've fixed an issue with the loading of images in signatures and in general added a fallback to return the proper files

    Engage: Distribution list changes

    We've enhanced the distribution list section for email campaigns so that you can manage your users directly. Adding users is also done by either searching for the user, adding all users of a company, or by selecting users with a label.

    The new distribution section is about to be pushed to our servers now.

    Introducing Helpmonks SMTP servers powered by Sendgrid

    It's our great pleasure to introduce Helpmonks SMTP servers powered by Sendgrid.

    With it, you now have the option to use our new SMTP servers powered by Sendgrid for every account and plan. Go to your mailbox SMTP settings and switch to benefit from one of the best delivery service in the business.

    While adding this new SMTP option we've overhauled the whole SMTP section. Also, you can now copy your SMTP setting to other mailboxes.

    Additionally, we've updated all the delivery log entries to provide more information. Like this, you can see in one go if your message got successfully delivered or if something went amiss.

    A new right sidebar for your email conversations

    We've re-designed the right sidebar to emphasize the most relevant information.

    January 30th, 2021

    • We've made finding custom records, within the customer screen and when composing an email, much faster.
    • Creating a new To-Do will now automatically assign it to you.
    • We've fixed an issue with saving drafts when you are in a Group section

    January 4th, 2021

    • Engage Live-Chat: Changed some of the icons to better reflect the meaning of the navigation
    • We fine-tuned the selection of emails after applying an action further.
    • We've fixed an issue with loading attachments