CFML and Cannot run program “chmod”: error=24, Too many open files

CFML and Cannot run program “chmod”: error=24, Too many open files

Migrating one of my customers the other day, bought up an ugly error when I had to create 2000 directories on one go. The error was:

[code]Cannot run program "chmod": error=24, Too many open files[/code]

While, “too many open files” usually means one can raise the limit of open files under Linux (check out ulimit -a) it unfortunately did not help in this situation. I even rebooted the whole server and made sure that no other service was running, except Java that is. Still no success.

I then looked at my code in the CFML (Coldfusion) template. In order to create the directories I used a simply:

[coldfusion]<cfinclude action="create" directory="…" mode="775">[/coldfusion]

Normal code, right? Well, as it turns out, I simply had to remove the “mode” part in order to overcome this error. Not sure, why this caused a “too many open files” error, but it worked in my situation. I can only imagine that the server tried to put all 2000 directories into memory and then write them in one go (I have a high value for the open files limit set and 12GB RAM).

In any case, hope this helps someone out here.

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