svn: warning: cannot set LC_CTYPE locale

svn: warning: cannot set LC_CTYPE locale

Somehow with the recent Ubuntu 10.04 LTS updates or maybe with a subversion update, I received some errors message of the type “locale…”. To be more precise the errors are;

svn: warning: cannot set LC_CTYPE locale
svn: warning: environment variable LC_CTYPE is UTF-8
svn: warning: please check that your locale name is correct

While all SVN commands still worked, it was something I didn’t tackle with immediately. But today, I set out to fix it. Well, it only took a minute or so 🙂

So, if you want to fix this all you have to do is to set the “LC_ALL” variable manually. To make it permanent just edit the file “/etc/environment” and add the line:


Save the file and exit the editor. In order for it to apply you have to logout of the current shell session. The next time you log in, the issue with SVN will be gone.


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